Do you require a deposit?

Deposits are not usually required but are done on a case-by-case basis.

Do you travel outside of Massachusetts?

Yes, we frequently perform outside of Massachusetts. However, transportation and hospitality fees may apply depending on the performance type, location, and time.

Our team is located in Worcester, Massachusetts.

How long does an average performance last?

Usually 25 to 30 minutes but can be extended based on the client's requests.

What is the size of the space needed for the performance?

For our ground performance, for best results we prefer at least a 10ft. x 10ft. cleared area with a ceiling height of 15 ft.. However, we can adjust if needed. 

For our bench performance, for best results we require at least a 20ft. x 25ft. cleared area with a ceiling height of 20ft..

For our high poles performance, for best results we require at least a 20ft. x 35ft. cleared area with a high ceiling height of 25ft..

What happens if there is inclement weather?

IIf the performance is outdoors and/or requires significant travel by our Lion Dance team, we may have to cancel due to safety reasons. We are happy to reschedule to a later date that is convenient for both our team and you, the client.

How long do I need to book in advance?

We accept booking requests up to six months in advance. 

To guarantee an open date, we ask that you book at least one month before your event date.

For the Lunar New Year season (January-February), we ask that you book us at least two months before your event date.

Are there photo opportunities with the lions?

Of course! A photo opportunity is always included after the conclusion of our performance.

Is there photography and videography allowed?

Yes! Regular photographs and videos of our performance are allowed. Please share them with us on our social media, @imperialliondance

How can I be an official imperial member?

Please fill out the recruitment form on our recruitment info page. We will reach out to you for more details.

Do you include props in your performances?

Yes, we will include special props depending on the client’s request. Please contact us for ideas on how you envision your event. Props may include scrolls, lettuce, confetti, etc. (Additional fees may apply)