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High Poles

More excitement than you can handle

Harmonizing the movements of the lion head and tail on high poles is a greater challenge in itself. However we prevail the difficulty with greatness as we perform every rhythmic movement and acrobatic jumps in synchronization to entail the emotion the lion seeks. Our lion dance High Poles (also known as "Jongs") stretches 35 feet long, 2 feet wide, and raises to a height of 6.5 feet tall. Each acrobatic jump lands onto the 14-inch diameter plates, meticulously positioned to craft a routine that will arouse the audience with every step of the lion.


Venture beyond expectations

Need something unique for your special occasion? Our bench routines will add an exciting feel to your entertainment. This performance style will add that creative touch to make your special occasion a bit more splendid.


Exploiting Traditions to greater limits

If you are looking for simplicity that still exhibits an exciting performance, stage routines are the right choice. This type of routine is perfect for any occasion and will showcase the basic lion dance performance on the ground, yet still providing the audience with an exhilarating show.